Cheap Car Rental Cape Town

Car Hire in Cape Town

If you’re looking to experience the Cape in all its glory and grandeur, a factor you have to consider into your holiday is car hire. Having your own car will allow you to travel around the peninsular and to the winelands and West Coast in your own time and leisure, and will allow you the freedom to be completely spontaneous in your exploring. If you are planning on visiting Cape Town, car hire is not only advisable but essential as you’ll find it very difficult and expensive to get from A to B otherwise.

Cape Town is most famous for its beautiful beaches and mountains, as well as its bright City centre and waterfront. However, each location is a considerable distance from the next, and if you plan to see everything you’ll need to plan transportation ahead of schedule. Once in the city, it’s quite easy to walk to Green Point, the Waterfront and to Long Street, however if you wake up in the city and feel like going to the beach you might find yourself stuck.

The only aspect that Cape Town lacks in catering for its tourists is reliable and safe public transport. There are train lines that go out of the city and towards False Bay, and local taxis are available, however these means of transports are even avoided by some locals. Although much of it has improved with the planning on the 2010 Soccer World Cup, public transport is often unsafe and can potentially expose you to petty theft.  Private taxis can be taken, however with their extravagant rates they’ll make your stay expensive and make you want to limit your “must see” list in Cape Town. Car hire is the most viable option to tourists who wish to explore the Cape in their own time and without paying large fairs or risking their safety.

Another perk of having your own vehicle whilst staying in Cape Town is that you’ll be able to squeeze more activities and sight-seeing into your day. By having your own car you can be more spontaneous with your plans: say you’re make a trip to Camps Bay for the day and decide that you’d like to explore what is around the corner. By having your own car you can quickly drive the ten minutes to Llandudno and then go quickly over the mountain into Hout Bay. By having your own car you can decide in the moment if you’d like to go the beach or climb the mountain, however if you have to book a private taxi or tour bus in advance you may have to go with what you planned despite weather and what you feel like. If you have limited time in Cape Town, car hire will allow you to fit more into your day and be in control of where you go.

The surrounding areas of Cape Town tempt tourists to discover what they have to offer. South Africa’s wine industry dominates the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek areas, whale watching entices visitors Hermanus, and the fishing towns, as well as the fynbos nature reserves, along the West Coast attract tourists to explore. Although many touring companies offer day trips or longer stays to these areas, by having your own vehicle you can drive to them and experience them in your own time.

If you plan on exploring and having a relaxing holiday around Cape Town, car hire is how you can do it. Not only will all stress be taken away from you as you can plan your days as you wish without having to worry about booking taxis or tour groups, but you’ll be able to squeeze more activities and sight-seeing into the limited time that you have in the City. By hiring a car, you’re enabling yourself to feel truly free whilst on holiday and will have the opportunity to explore the Cape as you please.

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