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Stay in Bellville and Explore the Cape

Many tourists who visit Cape Town fall victim to staying in only one place: the city centre. However these tourists often miss out on seeing other beautiful areas of the Cape. Bellville is a suburb which can be found on the outskirts of Cape Town and is on the doorstep of the Winelands, making it the perfect base for tourists who want to do a lot of exploring. Many tourists will need to rely on car hire; Bellville is home to many car rental companies, solving your travelling party’s transport problems. By staying in Bellville, tourists will be able to discover what the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town have to offer; giving them an all rounded Mother City experience.

Amongst the many attractions of Bellville are several grand shopping malls, the Tygerberg Zoo, Golf Courses, and an art gallery run by the Arts Association of Cape Town. Staying in this area will allow you to participate in the attractions that locals enjoy, and will permit you to see a side of Cape Town life that often goes unnoticed. The most common reason for tourists to stay here is for its easy access to the Winelands and for the different perspective of the Cape that it offers them.

Wherever you decide to stay in Cape Town, you’ll find that the most convenient way for you to get around is by utilizing car hire. Bellville is one of the best places to stay in Cape Town however many of the Cape’s most popular tourist attractions can be found around the Peninsular, about a thirty minute drive away. Cape Town’s attractions are scattered around the coast, peninsular and inland. The beauty of the city is that you’ll always be surrounded by gorgeous scenery regardless of where you venture and how long you spend behind the wheel of your car hire.

Bellville is an affordable place to stay compared to the likes of the V&A Waterfront and the centre of Cape Town. When going on holiday, it’s very easy to lose track of how much we are spending and on what. By setting a budget aside before your adventure, you’ll be able to measure and control where your money is going. For many, money should be spent of visiting the attractions, paying entrance fees and paying for daily excitements such as the food, memorabilia and experiencing the best music and local events. For others, staying in luxury accommodation is the most important thing to plan for their holiday and should have a lot of money spent on it. Although a king sized bed in a five star hotel is what many of us would dream of for our vacations, realistically it’ll make money tighter and we’ll have to forfeit on other attractions and activities. One of the best ways to save money however, is on transportation, which can be done by using car hire.

Bellville is similar to the rest of Cape Town in that public transportation is unreliable and often hazardous. By having your own car you will save money by filling up with petrol only when you have to and will be in control of your own safety by driving at your own comfortable speed. Once you have sorted out your car hire, Bellville and Cape Town street map, and a car full of excitable tourists, you’ll be able to go where you want to and when you feel like it.

Day trips are amongst the best ways to explore a new place, and the Cape is no exception. By staying in Bellville you can easily travel to the Winelands, the city, and beach whilst getting around the peninsular without too much fuss or money spent. By hiring a car and staying in Bellville you’ll be able to save money on transport and accommodation, ensuring that you get to see more of the Cape and enjoy everything that this stunning part of South Africa has to offer.

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