Cheap Car Rental Cape Town

Use Car Rental in Cape Town This Festive Season

The festive season brings with it hot weather and long days in the Cape; this is without a doubt the best time of year to explore this internationally renowned tourist town. Annually, thousands of visitors from around South Africa and the world flock to the tip of Africa to experience its vibrancy and exciting summer days for themselves. Car rental in Cape Town allows guests to be spontaneous and care-free; soaking up the long summer days and the attractions of the popular Mother City for themselves.

Although many tourists visit Cape Town over the festive season to be with their loved ones, the city’s astounding beauty and never-ending list of activities is one of Cape Town’s major pulling factors; Families choose to meet in the Cape rather than in any other South Africa town. Here, conveniently, there is something for everyone and whole families can take pleasure in a single outing or activity.

Amongst the most popular family activities over the festive season are the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts. Here, visitors can listen to local bands perform in one of the world’s most beautiful picnic spots and botanical gardens. Guests will find themselves mesmerized by the combination of beautiful scenery, local talents, and the incredible vibrancy that is created when Capetonians come together. The most popular of the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts are the Carols by Candlelight as families can come together and celebrate the days leading up towards Christmas whilst participating in a Nativity Play and enjoying the candlelight in the truly remarkable setting which overlooks Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs.

Cape Town’s beaches play a huge part of Christmas in the Mother City and by using car rental, Cape Town’s beaches will be easily accessed. Traditionally, Cape Town beaches are the place to spend Boxing Day and celebrate New Year’s Day. Organise a trip to your favourite Cape Town beach with your loved ones to enjoy sundowners on the last day of the year; bid the sun farewell on your year as it sinks into the horizon, leaving you with a gentle summer breeze and the last night of the year. Be spontaneous with your plans and hop from one beach to another while using your car rental.

Cape Town has several surroundings areas which are well worth paying a visit. From Hermanus to Saldanah, to the Cape Winelands and Worcester, there is more than enough to you to do, see and explore if you’re looking for something away from the lights and excitement of the city. With a map book in hand and your trusty car rental, Cape Town will become a beautiful sight in your rear-view mirror and a comforting view when returning from a busy day.

And last, but definitely not least Cape Town’s majestic and astounding mountains ranges are simply something else. With Cape Town’s developed network of roads and highways, you’ll find yourself hiking up a mountain within the hour of deciding to. Simply choose a mountain on your horizon, or take a look at your map of the Cederberg, and drive to it. Spend a morning hiking to the perfect lookout point or viewpoint to a sundowner before venturing down its slopes whilst taking in the ever-closer sights of the Mother City.

Regardless of what you find yourself up to in the Mother City, you’ll be inspired by its beauty and enchanted by its vibrancy. If you’re a first time guest in Cape Town over Christmas, losing yourself in the beauty of its mountains, enjoying the calm and peace at the world famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and cooling down on one of its beaches are simply a must! Make sure to make use of a car rental; Cape Town will be yours to discover over the festive season.