Cheap Car Rental Cape Town

Car Rental in Cape Town

A holiday in Cape Town is one of the most sought after vacations in the world. There are endless attractions and sights to see scattered around the city, peninsular and outskirts, making this the perfect destination for couples, families, and friends. However if you are planning a trip a factor you must consider into your planning is transportation in Cape Town. Car rental is your best option to get to each location as public transport is unreliable and private taxis are expensive.

Cape Town may be one of the best places on Earth to holiday; however its public transport is somewhat behind other first world holiday destinations in the world. Taxis, buses and trains are filled to burst with commuters getting to and from work, and are often in poor condition and driven recklessly. Taking a private taxi is the safer option; however they aim themselves at tourists so you can be sure that you’ll pay expensive rates. The 2010 Soccer World Cup encouraged many improvements on the rails and some buses, however if you intend to get around freely you  would be better off not relying on public transport to get you from A to B in Cape Town. Car rental will allow you flexibility and spontaneity in your Cape Town explorations, and will ultimately be the cheaper and safer option if you intend on travelling quite a bit.

As soon as you land at the airport in Cape Town, Car rental businesses can be found and are happy to offer their services. With at least four different companies to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the vehicle that suits your travelling party. When hiring a car, it’s a good idea to consider how much petrol it uses and how much time you’ll spend in it. You’ll want a car that is slow on the petrol and comfortable for long drives around the peninsular.  Cape Town is often the starting point for those who want to tour South Africa. If you plan on renting a vehicle that will take you up the Garden Route, to Game Reserves, or to Johannesburg comfort and space will be important so travellers don’t get restless. If you plan to go on self-drive safaris you’ll need to consider renting a car that will be able to handle the dirt and bumpy roads. Cape Town car rentals can often be taken into surrounding Southern Africa countries, and thus if you plan on visiting Mozambique, Zimbabwe, or Namibia you need to consider renting a vehicle that will be able to get you there comfortably.

Perhaps the main reason for renting a car in Cape Town is to give you the freedom to travel at your own accord. Relying on taxis and hotel transportation may be a viable option if you are in the city for only a couple of days and will be travelling relatively short distances, however if you intend to explore what the Cape has to offer and travel distances around South Africa, renting you own car is definitely the most beneficial way to travel. Not only will you have your own space and enjoy the excitement of following a map and discovering the city by yourself, but you’ll save money and travel safely.

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